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24 Apr 2017

Lakefront stocks Ecostar ‘Greenest Roofing Products’

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EcoStar Tops ‘Greenest Roofing Products’ List

Holland, NY, 4/24/17 – Green Builder Media recently announced its annual 2017 Readers’ Choice Award winners. EcoStar was awarded “Greenest Roofing Product” for the second straight year.

As the leading manufacturer of sustainable roofing tiles, EcoStar recognizes the challenges the world faces regarding the Earth’s limited resources, non-renewable energy sources, and responsible disposition of waste.

EcoStar LLC leads the composite steep-slope roofing industry with its premium synthetic slate and shake roofing tiles. EcoStar products are made to the highest of standards and are the environmentally responsible choice for contractors, specifiers, architects and property owners.

EcoStar tiles are manufactured with a material made of up to 80% recycled post-industrial rubber and plastic. No trees are cut down and no slates are quarried for the manufacture of EcoStar products. EcoStar strives to provide aesthetically pleasing synthetic slate and shake roofing tiles designed to conserve natural resources.

20 Apr 2017

Unless the Lord Builds the House

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Brand new book revision and website

Every Lakefront customer and vendor, as well as anyone running a business or non-profit will want to read General Manager Tim Bock’s books, especially this one.

The Story of JPUSA’s Mission Business

By Tim Bock

Unless the Lord Builds the House is one man’s story of a life in Mission-Business at the intentional community Jesus People USA Covenant Church in Chicago, IL. Beginning in 1978, Tim Bock relates his journey of joy and sadness, failure and success, bringing the light of Christ into the business community, and sharing the proceeds with the least of these in their neighborhood.

JPUSA has run over 30 businesses in over 40 years of being together. Lessons learned in what works, what doesn’t and why will hopefully inspire you in your work to truly trust the statement; “Unless the Lord Builds the House”, we could be working in vain.

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Unless the Lord Builds the House