Storm protection is an essential part of any house or building design and neglecting it can have disastrous consequences when storms and hails start rolling in. A house’s roof and windows take the brunt during storm season, so if you’re a contractor or a homeowner, what you need to know about windows and roofing is that the materials you choose for these two parts help determine whether your home can weather a storm or not.

Because of the severity of damages that storms can wreak on homes, insurance companies are now driving the need for storm protection. Many insurance providers offer incentives and discounts to business owners and homeowners who take steps to protect their properties against storm damage.


In turn, contractors are often pressed with demands for reliable storm protection products. Here are two trends in storm protection that can help you prepare for the storm season.

What You Need to Know About Windows and Roofing: 2 Trends to Remember


Tinted or Coated Impact-Resistant Windows

Impact-resistant windows are a given when it comes to storm protection, especially in states that get more storms than others. However, homeowners are also now looking into tinted or coated windows. Why? For cooling purposes.

Aside from protecting against storm damage, coated impact-resistant windows also help cool a home by blocking heat. Such windows allow light to pass through but prevent external heat from also entering the house. This is quite useful for those areas that get not just storms but scorching hot summers too.

Tinted windows, meanwhile, absorb heat instead of blocking it, but the amount of heat that can be absorbed largely depends on the tint color. Bronze and gray-tinted glasses are the most capable of absorbing heat, but they allow little light to pass through. Blue and green windows let more light in, but they absorb less heat.

When choosing window materials, keep in mind that most windows should last a minimum of 15 years. Also, if you’re living in an area vulnerable to storms, consider using aluminum window frames. Such frames are highly durable and weather resistant.

SBS Shingles and Class 4 Roofing Materials

Unlike traditional shingles made from plain asphalt, SBS shingles are produced from asphalt with a rubberized polymer. As a result, SBS shingles are stronger and more durable, with better resistance to rain and increased impact protection from debris and hail.

The roofing industry has also started adopting impact resistance ratings. It isn’t enough anymore for roofing supplies to just be labeled “storm resistant” because more and more contractors and homeowners are now looking for products marked as Class 4, the highest rating for impact resistance. 

Metal roofing is also getting some attention. Homeowners who are worried about hail damage turn to metal roofing as it’s extra tough and highly resistant to damage caused by debris or hail impact.


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