Dealing with hail damage is stressful for homeowners and in such a situation, a roofing contractor who can act quickly and knows how to repair hail damage efficiently often wins not just the job but also the homeowner’s trust.


Check out some tips for roofing contractors on how to professionally and successfully handle hailstorm restoration work.


How to Repair Hail Damage: 4 Tips for Roofing Contractors

1. Partner with a reliable roofing materials supplier

It’s always wise to assume that there’s someone out there looking to outperform you, especially in the roofing business. After a storm, several roofing companies would expectedly extend their services, and it’s often the fastest contractor who gets the job. Remember that people need a warm, comfortable home, so they’re likely to choose someone who can repair their roof in the shortest possible time.

Now, if you’re a contractor, you’d probably want a supplier who can act as fast as you do and provide you with the roofing materials you need in short notice. It won’t do you any good to be in the scene and ready to do the job, only to find out that you’re running out of sheet metal and the next delivery is a week away. 


So, partnering with a roofing company you can count on is a good idea. Lakefront Supply has a great inventory of roofing and building supplies in stock and available for on-site delivery in Chicago.


2. Talk to homeowners

In the aftermath of a storm, understand that homeowners would need time to mentally process the damage to their homes and that they may not be aware of how to go about restoration. 


Help them by reaching out to them. Consider going around the neighborhood wearing professional attire that represents your business and talking to homeowners. You can offer to take care of immediate roofing needs, like covering damaged areas with plywood or tarps. This goes a long way in establishing trust which can benefit your business later on.


3. Train your team

This one goes without saying. The team you send out to do the job should actually be capable of doing the job. They must know what to look for to properly assess damages, and how to thoroughly inspect not just the roof but also the gutters, sidings, windows, and other parts of the house that got hit by the hailstorm. Ultimately, they must also know how to repair such damages and provide homeowners with reliable cost estimates.


4. Offer valuable insights about insurance

Most homeowners probably never had to deal with hail damage before, so they’ll likely ask questions on how they can use their insurance to pay for the repairs. Some would even wonder whether it’s better to save their insurance money for later rather than use it for home restoration now.


It’ll be great if you can answer their questions, talk to them about how insurance funds work, and provide them with talking points that they can bring up with their insurance providers. Offering to double-check the adjuster’s claim also doesn’t hurt.

For hailstorm restoration work and other roofing needs, call or send us a message here at Lakefront Supply. Our wide range of quality roofing and siding materials is available for on-site delivery anywhere within 100 miles of Chicago and we can also connect you with professional contractors you can trust with your roofing concerns.