We opened our doors as Lakefront Roofing and Siding Supply in 1985 and have been treating customers with respect and honesty since the very beginning.

To be the best Chicago roofing and siding supplier we wanted to make sure we offered everything we could to roofing companies and siding contractors. Come visit our fully stocked showroom complete with samples, products and literature for you to share with your clients at our location on Western Avenue. We have a full custom sheet metal shop on-site, a propane filling station, green roofing trays for purchase, and on-site crane delivery options. If you need help obtaining manufacturer certifications, we can help with that too. If you need a siding or roofing contractor, we have a free contractor referral service we’d be happy to share as well. We also host “Weiner Wednesday” where we showcase a new vendor each Wednesday at our location on Western.

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What more could you ask for?

Lakefront Roofing and Siding Supply Crane Delivery Truck

At Lakefront Roofing and Siding Supply, we understand how important it is to treat roofing businesses of all sizes. We started as a small roofing company ourselves. It wasn’t long before we realized we could make an impact in the Chicago roofing community by transforming into a roofing and siding supplier and treating roofers from any size company with respect. It is our goal to equip all customers with quality supplies and top-notch expertise so they can complete the job at hand and expand their skill sets and opportunities.

We feel so strongly about expanding opportunities for roofers in Chicago that we created Lakefront University in 2008. There’s no degree involved, but every winter we offer free classes to learn new on-the-job skills as well as how to run the best business possible like understanding insurance options. Each year we have over 100 people join Lakefront University and it has proven to be a great success and continues to enhance Chicago roofing companies throughout the community.

Lastly, we do all of this to support a good cause. Lakefront Roofing and Siding Supply is a mission business, meaning that the majority of our profits go to support a community that is bound together by faith as well as numerous local non-profits.

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