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With so many degrading factors, roof maintenance programs are critical to address any issues on a small scale and save money over the lifecycle of the roof. Whether your roof is newly installed or a few years old, a dedicated maintenance program can help your roof to perform more efficiently in the long-term and remain in maintainable condition up to, or past, the standard lifecycle.

For a $300,000 roof installation, proactively budgeting for items such as:

Visual surveys twice per year, plus after severe storms, at a cost of $.01 per square foot per year.

Moisture surveys on a 3-year cycle at $.05 per square foot per year.

Repair and warranty service documentation at $.02 per square foot per year.

Has the potential for more than $215,000 in savings over a 20-year lifecycle when compared to a roof without a maintenance plan that needs complete replacement after a 10-year lifecycle.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike many other Chicago-area roofing companies:

  • We’ve been around for a while (since 1985), so we have actual experience and know all of the best residential roof repair companies and contractors in Chicago.
  • We have a strong, positive reputation – just check out what our raving fans are saying.
  • We don’t take shortcuts in our work. “Trust” and “roofing company” don’t typically go together in the same sentence. Our partner contractors are different.

Storm Damage Roof Repair Experts

People living in Chicago are no strangers to unpredictable weather! From severe hail storms complete with tornado-force winds and lightning, to the blazing sunshine of a hot summer day, to the occasional snowfall or freezing, our homes and roofs are constantly exposed to harsh conditions that can cause wear and tear on your roof. Life can be stressful enough on it’s own, don’t let storm damage to your roof add to the madness! We’re experts at dealing with insurance claims and are prepared to repair your storm-damaged roof.

If you’re not sure if a storm has damaged your roof (or even if you know for sure that it has), we provide free roof inspections to give you an accurate assessment of the condition of your roof and what it will take to fix it (no matter who the roofer is that you choose). We promise not to sell you something you don’t need. When your home has suffered extensive storm damage, the last thing you want is a roofing company that tries to take advantage of your bad situation. Whether it’s our thorough assessment of your roof’s current condition, use of high-quality roofing materials, or our expert advice and guidance about the insurance claim process, we will stand by your side every step of the way!

Residential Roof Repair Understands Insurance

Our Experts Works with Insurance Companies Every Single Day. We Will Help You! Just Contact Us!

Roof damage means that you’ll be faced with filing complicated home insurance claims. Thankfully, we’re here to help. We understand exactly what’s involved in a roofing insurance claim and know how the system works. We know just how important it is to provide your insurance company with timely and accurate information. We’ll be right by your side, making certain that the insurance company has what it needs to complete your home roofing claim. Contact Us for Help