Evolve Stone Georgetown Run Corners Non-Fire Rated

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Evolve Stone Georgetown Run Corners Non-Fire Rated

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Corners are style-specific and have varied dimensions to naturally complement the style.

The next evolution in decorative stone is here. Evolve Stone is the most innovative stone siding product to date, surpassing its predecessors in value, ease, and
accessibility. Formulated from patented Evolve Material, it is the very first stone cladding that can be face nailed in the same fashion as traditional siding, reducing installation time dramatically. Like real stone, this proprietary material holds its color throughout, so it can be cut to fit on-site while maintaining the highest appearance standards.

Best described as a blend of old and new, this versatile style complements both traditional and contemporary design.

Evolve Stone's inventive, unconventional approach, cutting-edge technology, and
decades of precision craftsmanship have made them the premier designer of rock structure environments in the world.

Universal sill pieces are available in all four colors and can be installed with any of our stone styles and 90 degree outside corner pieces are available for each style and color combination.

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Evolve Stone Georgetown Run Corners Non-Fire Rated

Evolve Stone offers outside corners and a box of corners has 7 Lf. Corners are style-specific and have varied dimensions to naturally complement the style. 

Welcome to the innovative world of Evolve Stone-the only mortarless, color-throughout manufactured stone veneer that installs with a standard finish nailer and delivers 10X faster installation and half the weight of our competitors.

Driven by a passion for technology and innovation and a two-decade-plus foundation in construction and building science, Evolve Stone is the future of decorative stone manufacturing. 


Performs extremely well under wind loading.
No effects when exposed to salt spray during testing.
No effects when exposed to freeze/thaw cycles during testing.
Moisture impermeable: will not hold moisture against structure.
Patented material and process.
Infused color throughout.
ICC-ES listed SER3970 for Non-Fire Rated and ESL1247 for Fire-Rated.

Evolve Stone units are made of polymer-based material that is cast into a variety of sizes that are intended to appear as dry stacked natural stone when installed. The products are cast with an irregular face to simulate a natural stone finish. 

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